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Our Services

Depending on your situation, we offer different services. If the parties are in full agreement, the process can be very affordable and very quick.  These are called Uncontested Divorces, click the link to see if you qualify. 


However, we know that sometimes emotions are high and couples, families, spouses can be angry, sad or driven by many emotions and take the path of litigation, those are Complex Family Litigation.   The area of family law happens to be one of the most sensitive and volatile aspects of law, especially when you consider the fact those matters typically involve your hard-earned income or assets, and more importantly, your children.

Divorces should be affordable and uncomplicated. Our dedicated team will work hard to make the process uncomplicated and efficient so that you can start your new life.   Our office will handle everything for you from start to finish and most things can be done virtually.  Sometimes the entire case including court appearances can be handled virtually.  We leverage technology so that your case proceeds efficiently.  As our client, you will be provided with real time access to your case so that you can log on and upload documents, provide requested information, communicate with our staff and see the status of your case ant any  time. 
Choosing an attorney can be a difficult and confusing experience, particularly when the future of your family is at issue. At JLP Legal, we are here to help our clients obtain fair results with quality legal representation at a reasonable price. We spend time understanding your needs, and desires, and arrive at solutions that make sense. Our Florida Attorneys are here to work with you to help you understand your rights, your legal options, and your objectives. We take pride in our ethical standards and legal skills and want to  help you.  
We understand well that life does not always goes as expected and that couples grow apart.  Sometimes one parent wants to take full control of the children, prohibiting visitation by the other parent or wants to take full control of the couple's assets. Sometimes one spouse will hide or waste assets of the family. Do not wait, take control of your future today. In any situation you may be, please give us a call, we may be able to assist you!

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